Window cleaning may appear simple and doable enough, even for an average homeowner. The task doesn’t appear to require hard to find cleaning materials, either – just a bucket, soapy water, sponge, squeegee, and cloth seem enough to take on the job yourself.

Window Cleaning


While it is true that cleaning your own window can be doable, there are still some mistakes homeowners who attempt to clean the windows themselves unknowingly commit. These mistakes can be significant ones that may greatly affect the life expectancy of the glass or the overall window.


Here are the most common mistakes everyone should avoid doing while cleaning their windows:


Using harsh window cleaning chemicals. – It is extremely important to not just read the instructions on your window cleaning agent but follow these instructions as well. Dilute it in water if advised and do not use abrasive, concentrated cleaners on your windows; doing so can make your window deteriorate faster.


Scrubbing too hard. – Once you see a stubborn window stain, the first thing that would come to your mind is to have this removed as soon as possible, with the fastest means possible. In the desire to remove the stain, some homeowners mistakenly scrub (or worse, scrape) the stain too hard – this could lead to irreversible damages such as deep scratches on your windows.


Using a newspaper to dry your windows. – This is one of the most popular mistakes committed in window cleaning. Newspapers can be rough and could damage your windows with minor (but ugly) scratches. Additionally, since newspapers are filled with printed ink, you might unintentionally stain your windows with unsightly ink from the newspaper. Use a microfiber cloth or paper towels to dry your windows effectively instead.


Using tap water to clean your windows. – Tap water has minerals that could leave traces on your glass window. If you want to your glass windows to look perfectly clean, try using deionized water or distilled water.